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What is interest of the game on market trends?

The state of the securities market and its dynamics are characterized by global stock indices. This tool is used by investors and financial analysts in order to describe the situation on the market and compare the profitability of specific investments. The first index was calculated in 1884 and represented the average price of 11 shares.

In 1928 the number of shares used to calculate the index was increased to 30, and the «Dow Jones Industrial Average» (DJIA) name stuck to the index. Stock exchange indices are average rates of securities (usually stocks), which give a picture of the state and dynamics of the stock market. Different indices specialize in different sectors. For example, the S&P 500 is a stock index that includes the 500 largest US capitalized companies.

Known stock indices:

  • United Kingdom: FTSE 100
  • Germany: DAX

The benefits of stock index trading.

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Trading in stock indices

is also carried out using CFD (contracts for difference). The main advantages of trading index CFDs are the ability to trade fractional lots and invest a small amount of capital using leverage.