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Trade in securities and currency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stock and Forex – the largest trading markets with international daily turnover which exceeds $ 5 trillion.

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Especially for those who make the first steps in the world of trading, we provide access to a demo account, information support and training. A wide range of educational materials.

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There are so many broker companies today and it becomes really difficult to make the right choice.

InvestActive is a fast-growing company that provides an innovative trading environment and first-class conditions for active traders to make money on the stock, forex and commodity markets.

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on the Forex and CFD markets, top stocks, leading stock indexes.

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consulting from investment analysts and risk managers, technical specialists.

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strict financial security policy. You have no reason to worry about the safety of your capital.

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We provide first-class trading conditions that exceed all expectations of traders, investors.

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fund the account and withdraw profit without delay in any convenient way.

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take advantage of our bonus programs today. Our customers regularly receive bonuses.

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Our philosophy is to work on the financial success of our customers. Our services help traders and investors to realize their potential, constantly improve efficiency and develop.

You have advanced technical analysis, convinient interface, trading advisors and the most liquid assets. Increase your income and join successful and motivated people who appreciate the benefits of working with InvestActive.

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Stock market

Shares of the largest companies, highly liquid securities and government bonds.

Currency market

The international currency market. Make a profit at the difference on exchange rates.

Index funds

A set of tools to trade the value of stock indices.

Futures contracts

Trade on commodity futures, stock contracts and interest rates.

Precious metals

Low commission rates on deals with precious metals, spot trading with leverage.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms


Status Platform

Flagship trading platform providing an innovative trading tools and high fulfillment speed.


At the moment it is the most popular and common tool used by millions of traders around the world.

WEB Platform

A powerful trading platform for traders with any experience, designed to meet the needs of traders.

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